Webinar Series Viewing on Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction on Water Resources: Overview of EPA’s Study

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January 23, 2014 @ 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
HSPH, 4th floor West, Room 414A
Landmark Center
Boston, MA 02215

Webinar Series Viewing Locations on Fracking

Host viewing locations:
JAN 23 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 414A
FEB 20 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 414A
MAR 13 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 414A
APRIL 17 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 403Q
MAY 1 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 403Q
JUNE 26 THURSDAY – 12 NOON—Landmark 414A

Please RSVP to eguzy@hsph.harvard.edu

PLEASE NOTE: due to EPA’s limited number of Adobe Connect lines you won’t be able to view the webinar from anywhere beyond the 10-12 hosting locations in New England, which are posted on the sra-ne.org website. So, please join us to view the webinar! The webinars will not be recorded, but SRA will post the presentations on-line following the seminars.

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